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The Sun Is Shining at Eye Designs

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Polarised Transitions Offer The sun is out, but where are those sunglasses?! How would you like a pair of glasses that are normal, clear lenses indoors then adapt to the conditions outside, and in the sun turn to Sunglasses? But not just ordinary sunglasses, polarised sunglasses, the best sun tint available offering the clearest vision […]

Sight for Summer Eyes

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Introducing our Sun Shine Spex. We’re enjoying this gorgeous weather in Chorley at the moment, but it’s so important that we protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV Rays. Sunglasses are not simply a fashion statement, a proper UV filtered lens can protect our eyes and can help to prevent against cataracts in later […]

Brand New Christian Lacroix Frames


Introducing our brand new Christian Lacroix Designer eyewear range  These glasses are bold, unique, outrageous and fantastically handcrafted. They are perfect if you are looking for something completely different and unique in eyewear. Look good, feel good and most importantly see well and feel comfortable in this inspiring and inventive glasses range. We are thrilled […]

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