The Sun Is Shining at Eye Designs

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Polarised Transitions Offer

The sun is out, but where are those sunglasses?!

How would you like a pair of glasses that are normal, clear lenses indoors then adapt to the conditions outside, and in the sun turn to Sunglasses? But not just ordinary sunglasses, polarised sunglasses, the best sun tint available offering the clearest vision in the sun. Theses are also great in the car and react to sunglasses even behind the windscreen.

Well it gets better, we’re offering these brand new Transition Lenses at Half Price. We are the only Opticians in the area that can offer these amazing lenses, so why not pop in or call 01257 263688 for more info.

Did you Know?

We offer a reglazing service, where you can new lenses put into your own frame.

Not many opticians can offer this service but we have our own on-site lab and can make up your glasses for you.

So if you have a trusty pair that you don’t want to end up at the back of a drawer, ask about out our fab reglaze service.

2 Pairs for £60

Not only do we have some beautiful Designer Frames but we also have a beautiful, flex hinged, high quality Budget Range.

And this summer we’re offering 2 pairs of £49.95 frames for just £60 , that’s a second pair for just £10.

Also you can have different prescriptions in each pair, for example one pair for reading and one pair for distance, or a pair of Bifocals or Varifocals and a pair of reading glasses.

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