If you’re looking for somewhere to provide you with the best lenses possible, look no further than Eye Designs Opticians!

You want a practice where every member of staff is an expert in the field of lens technology. When you visit us, you can rest assured that you’ll be leaving with lenses that’ll enhance your lifestyle, as well as your vision.

Conventional lenses are great, but has anyone ever told you about the other options available to you? Thanks to extensive research, you are now presented with some fantastic choices.

Digital lenses are custom made and enable you to see every distance clearly, without the need for more than one pair of specs. These special lenses will not only provide you with crisp and precise vision, but there will be considerably less distortion.



Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses do exactly what they say, they are lenses for one purpose, be that near vision or distance vision.If you require a glasses prescription for both of these distances then you will need two pairs of glasses, one for each range.There is also an intermediate range, which is used for computer use again a separate pair of frames would be needed.



Bifocal Lenses

These lenses offer two ranges in one lens, distance and reading, enabling the user to see both ranges without having to change glasses. However, this lens does not provide a range for computer wearers, therefore computer users who wish to wear Bifocal lenses would need a separate pair of single vision glasses with an intermediate prescription in them for use whilst on the computer. 


Varifocal Lenses

These lenses are the ultimate multifocal lenses, they provide distance, reading and intermediate ranges, meaning the one pair of glasses do everything. Wearers can put their Varifocal glasses on in a morning and leave them on without having to swap for the different ranges. All of our Varifocal lenses, here at Eye Designs, are HD lenses, so they are the best in the industry. We offer standard, comfort and elite in these lenses, with elite offering the most comfortable wear. Some Varifocal wearers like to have a separate pair of single vision reading glasses for when they are simply just reading.



Reactolite Lenses

We will only use Transitions reactolite lenses, and we always use the most up to date version. We have found that other reactolite or even older versions of Transitions are not adequate as they do not change fast enough and have a yellowish tint permanently on the lens.

Transitions Signature are a clear lens which reacts quickly. Team these lenses with Varifocals and you have the complete package, a pair of glasses that offers every range and changes into sunglasses when needed.


Polarised Sunglasses

A Polarised tint is far superior to a normal sun tint as it not only protects from the sun, it offers clearer visability, whilst with a normal sun tint everything still seems hazy in the sunlight, just darker. A polarised tint significantly reduces glare and therefore offers better clarity of vision.

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