HD Varifocals



HD Varifocals at Eye Designs

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our HD Varifocals are our best sellers. Our HD lenses offer clearer, crisper vision with limited distortion areas and wider frame choice as no limits on measuring heights.

Plus, with our fab January sales offer of 25% discount off complete specs our prices and quality cannot be beaten. Bring in your prescription or call 01257 263688 if you require an eye test.


Think Varifocals are too expensive? Think again!

We are offering our HD Varifocals for just £20 with a valid NHS Voucher, if you are entitled to an NHS voucher you can have these varifocals for just £20 plus a £50 frame for FREE!

With this offer and our 25% off COMPLETE SPECS January sale offer, our prices and quality cannot be beaten.



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