This Summer we’re offering

Free Sunglasses



Yes, it’s true, here at Eye Designs Opticians, Chorley we are offering Free Sunglasses as part of our 2 for 1 offer. You can choose any frame up to £69.95 and we will provide frame and tinted lenses with 100% UVA and UVB 400 protection.

Sunglasses are not only a fabulous fashion accessory, but they offer protection to your eyes from the sun, just as suncream does for your skin. It is so important to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, even from the small amount of sun we get in this country.

UV rays are a contributing factor to cataracts and if we don’t protect our eyes from the sun, then we are likely to have cataracts in later life. UV rays have also been linked to Macular Degeneration, (see our eye conditions page for more information)  treatment for this condition is limited.

Let’s not forget the younger generation too. We have some fab children’s sunglasses from £10, or they may be entitled to a free pair of prescription sunglasses, pop in or call 01257 263688 for more information.



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